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On the Edge… At the Center

The Way Home Annual Meeting

Lite Up the Nite for Mental Health 5k

New Horizons Walk a Success

Co-Chair’s Letter

What’s New in the MCoC?

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If your agency is developing or has recently developed housing for the homeless, please email info@mcocnh.org to have it listed on our website!

On the Edge…At the Center
Stories from the Manchester Homeless Services Center

By Christopher Emerson, Manager

Good Luck Box

When guests at the Center get a new place to live, we want to celebrate their positive change and support their forward motion, so we give them a “Good Luck Box.” Since homeless people usually own only what they can carry on their back, they often need everything to get started in a new place. And I mean everything.

So, I assemble a bag of whatever things we have around here: toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, pillow, plate and cup, towels, shampoo, even a pot or pan if one has come my way. Since we don’t have room to store many donations and don’t want to draw donations away from other bigger agencies, we don’t invite them. But sometimes people bring things anyway. Occasionally boxes of “stuff” are left on the doorstep. And if I I’ve got it, I’ll give it away… in a good luck box.

People are always grateful. And they get the point , that we want to encourage them to keep moving forward in life. One of my favorite sayings around here is this: “the Homeless Center is a pretty good place to be, but it is a much better place to be from!”

The Way Home Annual Meeting

The Way Home hosted its 2012 Annual Celebration on Friday, May 18th. The event featured remarks from Executive Director Mary Sliney, Mayor Ted Gatsas, recipients of the 2012 Healthy Homes and Keys to Success awards, and others. The Way Home continues to be a committed community partner and MCoC member. Congratulations to them on celebrating another year of striving to ensure everyone has access to safe, affordable housing.

Congratulations The Way Home. Thank you, for your continued support and participation in the Manchester Continuum of Care!

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Lite Up the Nite for Mental Health 5k

What could be better than neon, Derryfield Park, and running/walking for a great cause? Lite Up the Nite for Mental Health 5k is a neon-themed race held in Manchester’s Derryfield Park, hosted by The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester.

All registered runners and walkers will get a goodie bag, courtesy of our sponsors, including a frisbee, coupons, and a few other surprises! Stonyfield farms will also be there for the third year, with free yogurt in hand for all.

Proceeds from the event go toward MHCGM’s charitable care fund – providing mental health services for those who may not otherwise be able to pay.

Mental Illness is a disease that affects one in four families today. As the largest outpatient provider of mental health in New Hampshire, The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester was responsible for more than $1 million in charitable care to consumers last year that may have otherwise gone untreated.

So, break out your neon leggings and running shoes, and we’ll see you June 21st!

Where: Derryfield Park, Manchester
When: June 21, 6:30 pm start
Cost: $25 to register
Free t-shirt to the first 100 registered, goodie bag to all runners/walkers
Sign up: http://www.runformentalhealth.weebly.com

Questions? Want to volunteer? Contact Christine Montelione: mhcgm5k@gmail.com

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New Horizons Walk a Success

The 22nd Annual Walk Against Hunger was held on Sunday May 20th at Veterans Park, which raised over $128,000 to ensure food and shelter for the hungry and homeless in Greater Manchester.

Walkers from 44 teams, families, and several hunger individuals came out to walk the four mile route throughout Manchester to join together committed to ending this hunger crisis in our community.

Thanks to everyone who participated. New Horizons is truly grateful!

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Co – Chairs’ Letter

From the Community Outreach Committee Co-Chairs:

Sometimes you need to get outside of your own paradigm to understand it better. On the subject of homelessness, it’s not like we can’t find correlative experiences elsewhere. Sadly, they are abundant. And so are the myths about being homeless. We have all heard people we know and like say things about this population that make us cringe. This is generally borne of not knowing rather than simply ignorance. But the widespread nature of “not knowing” when it comes to homelessness makes it worrisome.

There is really only one way to fight it and that is with information at every turn. The Community Outreach Committee is tasked with bringing the subject to light in our community and helping the general public understand and empathize with the plight of others. Only through this understanding and compassion can we as a society make any headway on eliminating it.

Here is an article that you should read and share with your constituents: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christine-schanes/homeless-obesity-healthy-food-_b_1554519.html

It takes on the myth that homeless people have too much to eat, that they are actually living a life on the dole, free of worries and responsibilities. People still think this, unfortunately, and so our work is not done. When you have the chance, engage someone in conversation the next time you hear something that makes you cringe. This models behavior that gets you outside of your paradigm, so maybe the person you are engaging will be able to do the same.

Loretta Prescott | Susan Howland

Serenity Place | City of Manchester/Granite United Way

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