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Issue:19 Apr/2012
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On the Edge… At the Center

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MCoC Committee Update

What’s New in the MCoC?

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If your agency is developing or has recently developed housing for the homeless, please email info@mcocnh.org to have it listed on our website!

On the Edge…At the Center
Stories from the Manchester Homeless Services Center

By Christopher Emerson, Manager

Nick’s Mite

Nick knocked on the office door. “What can I do for you, Nick?” I asked. He quizzed me for ten minutes on the funding for the Center.

At the Center I like to answer questions simply and directly. Unless privacy issues are involved, just answer the question.

Hearing my answers, Nick said, “OK, I like that.” He pulled two crumpled dollar bills out of his pocket and placed them on the desk. “Use that for whatever you want. You folks have helped me a lot, and if I have something to spare, I’ll give it to you.” thanked him and assured him it would help people here. He waved and walked away.

Almost everyone at the Center has some kind of income, perhaps from Medicaid or SSI or SSDI. The amount received is rarely enough to provide for housing and living expenses, but they do keep some money in their pockets.

Yes, the donation was almost too small to move through the accounting process, but it says a lot that a guest wants to contribute, communicating trust, pride and ownership.

Remember the old story of the poor widow’s mite, how her donated penny was proportionately worth more than a ten thousand dollar gift from a very wealthy person. Nick’s mite is the same.

Save the Date!

Who: New Horizons

What: Walk Against Hunger

Where: Veterans Park, Manchester

When: May 20, 2012 beginning at 11am

The walk sponsorship form can be found here

For more information please go to the New Horizons website

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New Hire

Shane Fisher, recent hire to the HMIS team, is from Manchester N.H. He has 3 years of experience in the homeless field and understands the fundamentals of working in a non-profit setting. He understands the concepts of collaboration to maximize efficiency in the workforce. Shane has made IT part of his life for the last 14 years and hopes to add some of his personal strengths to the team along with allow the potential to grow.

Upgrade to Service Point 5

The New Hampshire Homeless Management Information Systems will be updating to Service Point 5 this summer. The upgrade will likely occur over the weekend of August 17th. The End User and Agency Administrator training will likely take place weeks prior to the upgrade.

Thank you,
The HMIS Team

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MCoC Committee Update

Data Collection Committee

The CoC Check up is a set of processes created by HUD to help CoCs determine their current capacity and preparedness for implementation of HEARTH regulations.

As a first step, the MCoC was asked to identify a wide range of CoC stakeholders who completed a confidential online assessment, rating the MCoC’s proficiency in various domains, such as administrative capacity, governance structure, housing and services, etc.. HUD compiled these responses and created a report for the MCoC.

Based on this report, the MCoC then developed a CoC Action Plan. The goal of the action plan is to help guide the MCoC in identifying and tracking progress toward specific Federal Interagency Council to End Homelessness and HEARTH goals (for example, “reduce average length of time persons are homeless”).. This action plan will be used as a tool in guiding future technical assistance from HUD.

The most current version of the MCoC’s Action Plan will be available on the MCoC website. The Data Collection Committee considers this plan to be a living document that the MCoC can actively update based on input from the Continuum, additional guidance from HUD, action steps completed, etc..

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